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I enthusiastically endorse Rebecca Longnaker to be the next Treasurer of Chesterfield County. As a CPA, Rebecca can be trusted to manage with integrity, keep customer service as a top priority and safeguard confidential tax information. Her varied experience in the private and public sectors coupled with 6 years of experience with the County has uniquely prepared Rebecca to be our next Treasurer. I have had the privilege of working with her for almost two years in which Rebecca has distinguished herself as a highly-effective manager and a key member of our leadership team. Rebecca has my full support and endorsement! — Carey Adams, (retiring) Treasurer

I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca in the Treasurer’s Office for the past year. Rebecca clearly demonstrates the core competencies necessary to lead the treasury function for Chesterfield County. She is a servant leader who ensures excellent stewardship and fiscal responsibility. Her background, experience and desire to continue delivering excellent customer service to the citizens of Chesterfield County make her the perfect candidate to serve as Treasurer. Carol M. Bennett, CPA — Carol Bennett

Today, I am announcing my endorsement of two candidates running for Chesterfield County Treasurer and Chesterfield Commissioner of the Revenue. I have worked with both of these individuals and I can honestly say that they are highly qualified for the offices that they are running for. Their knowledge and experience far exceeds that of the other candidates running for these positions. They both will bring honesty, integrity, world class service to the taxpayers and unity between the two offices. Vote Rebecca Longnaker for Treasurer and Tim McPeters Commissioner of the Revenue this November!! — A. J. Eavey III

Rebecca Longnaker is an excellent choice for the Chesterfield County Treasurer. She has the experience and will carry out her responsibilities with integrity. I am more than glad to add my name to her list of supporters. — Riley Ingram

Rebecca Longnaker is ready today to serve as an excellent Treasurer for Chesterfield County and I wholeheartedly support and endorse her in this election. Rebecca currently serves as Deputy Treasurer for Chesterfield County, a position in which she has demonstrated her exceptional knowledge, skills, and abilities, more than preparing her for the role as Treasurer. She has demonstrated her keen ability to work together with various departments in the County which is essential in best serving the citizens of Chesterfield. I also have known the Longnaker family outside of our work environment for over a decade now and can say without hesitation that they are a great family with strong values and ethics. Rebecca has my full support and endorsement for Treasurer! — Karl Leonard

As a thirty -three year employee of the Chesterfield County Treasurer’s Office, I believe that I have a clear
understanding of what it takes to deliver excellent customer service to our citizens. I work closely with Rebecca Longnaker fulfilling our duties as Deputy Treasurers, and I have observed the problem-solving and decision-making qualities she uses in her daily job. These are essential business traits and values that local government needs to be successful. I feel that her experience as a CPA, as well as understanding the needs of the citizens has aligned her to be a great
choice and fit as the next Chesterfield County Treasurer. — Sherry Swanson, Master Government Deputy Treasurer, Chesterfield County
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